Knot Gallery
Now you can learn the entire Knot Gallery of over 70 knots with easy step by step knot tying videos!

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Learn how to tie these Camping Knots

Alpine Butterfly

Asher Bend

Boa Knot

Double Sheet Bend

Granny Knot

Guyline Hitch

Handcuff Knot

Hunter's Bend

Jug Sling

Larks Head

Monkey Chain Knot

Poldo Tackle

Pole Hitch

Round Hitch

Sack Knot

Tarbuck Knot

Triple Figure 8

Trucker's Hitch

Vice Vera Knot

Zeppelin Bend

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Learn how to tie these Boating Knots

Anchor Bend

Blackwall Hitch


Bull Hitch

Buntline Hitch

Butterfly Loop

Carrick Bend

Cats Paw

Cleat Hitch

Clove Hitch

Clove Slip Hitch

Double Knotted Bowline

Figure Eight

Half Hitch

Midshipman's Hitch

Monkey Fist

Mooring Hitch

Pile Hitch

Rolling Hitch

Round Turn - 2hh


Sheet Bend

Square Knot

Timber Hitch

Learn how to tie these Fishing Knots*

*To aid in clarity standard line is used instead of fishing monofilament line.

Albright Knot

Angler's Loop

Arbor Knot

Blood Knot

Blood Dropper Loop


Double UNI

Improved Clinch

Jansik Special

Locking Loops

Nail Knot

Non Slip Mono

Offshore Knot

Orvis Knot

Palomar Knot

Rapala Knot

Ring Knot

Scaffold Knot

Sliding Eight Knot


Surgeon's Loop

Swivel Knot

Trilene Knot

True Lover's Knot

Turtle Knot

UNI Knot

Water Bowline

Learn how to tie these Fun Knots

Cross My Heart

Fools Knot

Hit the Eye

Hold the Chain

Multi Knot

Political Knot

Shake out a Clove

Tug Boat Bowline

More Knots

Learn how to Whip line ends


More Knots

More Knots