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At times we all get a bit confused on which type a knot to use. With over 70 popular knots to choose from you’ll be able to choose the right knot for the job. Every knot for any occasion; whether it be camping knots, boating knots, fishing knots, general use knots, slip knots and even knots for fun. It’s all available right here at KnotPRO for free.

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Yes, you can easily learn how to tie knots. You have free instant access to easy step by step video instruction that you can pause or repeat as many times you need. Learning at your own pace will be make you a Knot PRO in no time. These time tested knot training steps have proven very effective over the years of knot tying education. It so much better than using books with knot illustrations! Or for that matter easier to watch than an animated process.

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Knot Tying Quick Links by Category

Ready to learn Camping Knot tying? Just click / tap on the knot of interest.

Knot NameFor BoatingFor FishingFor CampingNote
Alpine Butterfly (Lineman)BoatingCampingTo create a clip on point
Asher Bend KnotFishingCampingTo join dissimilar line diameters
Boa KnotFishingCampingA binding knot
Double Sheet Bend Knot

BoatingCampingAn elegant way to store extra line
Granny Knot
CampingSquare knot's bad cousin
Guyline Hitch Knot
BoatingCampingMake quick adjustment to line length
Handcuff Knot
CampingHobble a horse
Hunter's Bend Knot
BoatingCampingA substitute for a Sheep Bend
Jug SlingCampingMake a handle
Larks Head Knot
BoatingFishingCampingTie down a tarp
Monkey Chain Knot
BoatingCampingA way to store your line
Poldo Tackle KnotBoatingFishingCampingAn ingenious tackle knot
Pole Hitch KnotFishingCampingNot recommended on heavy lines
Round Hitch Knot
FishingCampingA simple and not to secure knot
Sack KnotFishingCampingMake a handle
Tarbuck KnotBoatingFishingCampingGeneral loop knot
Triple Figure Eight KnotBoatingFishingCampingStrong loop knot
Truckers Hitch KnotBoatingFishingCampingFor securing loads tightly
Vice Versa KnotBoatingFishingCampingGreat for slippery lines
Zepplin Bend KnotBoatingCampingWorks with stiff hawsers

Boating Knots

Ready to learn Boat Knot tying? Just click / tap on the knot of interest.

Knot NameFor BoatingFor FishingFor CampingNote
Anchor Bend KnotBoatingFishingCampingA secure hitch
Black Wall Hitch Knot
BoatingCampingAn unusual knot that is well known
Bowline Knot
BoatingFishingCampingPopular loop knot
Bull Hitch Knot
BoatingCampingA good ring hitch
Buntline Hitch Knot
BoatingFishingCampingUsed to secure eyelet or ring
Butterfly Loop Knot
BoatingCampingA quick loop to create
Carrick Bend Knot
BoatingCampingJoins equal diameter lines
Cats Paw Knot

BoatingCampingHook knot for medium diameter lines
Cleat Hitch Knot
BoatingFishingOfficial method for mooring lines
Clove Hitch Knot
BoatingFishingCampingA simple and versatile knot
Clove Slip Hitch Knot
BoatingFishingCampingThis knot can be untied quickly
Figure Eight Knot

BoatingFishingCampingBasic stop knot
Half Hitch Knot
BoatingFishingCampingKeep other knots more secure
Midshipman's Hitch Knot
BoatingA loop knot
Monkey Fist Knot
BoatingCampingUsed to heave a line
Mooring Hitch Knot

BoatingFishingUsed on pleasure boats
Pile Hitch Knot
BoatingFishingCampingSecure to stakes or posts
Rolling Hitch Knot

BoatingFishingCampingA sliding hitch
Sheepshank Knot
BoatingFishingCampingShorten your line
Sheet Bend Knot
BoatingFishingCampingJoin line of unequal diameters
Square Knot
BoatingFishingCampingBinding knot
Timber Hitch Knot
BoatingTying your hammock to post or tree

Fishing Knots

Ready to learn Fishing Knot tying? Just click / tap on the knot of interest.

Knot NameFor BoatingFor FishingFor CampingNote
Albright Knot
FishingCampingJoining lines of different diameters
Angler's Loop Knot
FishingJoining leader with tackle
Arbor KnotBoatingFishingSecure line to fishing reel
Blood KnotFishingJoining loop knots
Blood Dropper Loop KnotFishingFor attachment of hooks and rings
Crawford KnotFishingAdaptable knot to attach most hardware
Improved Clinch KnotFishingA secure attachment to hardware
Jansik Special KnotBoatingFishingFor light line attachment to hardware
Locking Loops KnotBoatingFishingWill hold fast
Non Slip Mono KnotBoatingFishingCampingFor today lines
Offshore Knot
BoatingFishingCampingAttachment of rights and swivels
Palomar Knot
FishingStrong knot for hardware attachment
Rapala Knot
FishingLure attachment
Ring Knot
FishingUsed on very slippery lines
Scaffold Knot
FishingTough noose type knot
Sliding Eight Knot
FishingJoint lines together
Snelling Knot
FishingStrong knot for hook attachment
Surgeon's Loop Knot
FishingCampingExcellent gripping knot
Trilene KnotFishingA strong and secure knot
True Lovers Knot
FishingMarry lines together
Turtle KnotFishingGreat for hook attachment
UNI Knot
FishingOld stand by
Water Bowline
BoatingFishingVery quick knot to tie

Fun Knots

Ready to learn some fun Knot tying? Just click / tap on the knot of interest.

Knot NameFor BoatingFor FishingFor CampingNote
Hold the ChainQuick release knot
Multi Knot
Knots will appear
Political Knot
Right, left, no right
Shake Out a Clove Hitch Knot
Jumping out hitch
Tug Boat Bowline Knot
A quickie Loop

Rope End Treatment

Ready to learn how to end treat rope? Just click / tap on the topic of interest.

Knot NameFor BoatingFor FishingFor CampingNote
WhippingBoatingCampingPopular end of rope treatment to prevent fraying

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