How to Tie Alpine Butterfly Knot - Lineman's Loop

Short Knot Summary

The Alpine Butterfly Knot is a great name for an old knot that is European in origin. A fixed loop that can be tied anyplace along the standing part, even to isolate a damaged portion of rope.

Alpine Butterfly Knot Benefits

The Alpine Butterfly knot, also known as the Lineman’s Loop, is a versatile and secure knot with several benefits:

  1. Mid-line Loop: The Alpine Butterfly creates a loop in the middle of a rope, making it useful for creating a secure attachment point without having to access the rope ends.

  2. Load Distribution: It distributes load evenly across the knot, enhancing its strength and reliability. This makes it suitable for situations where a stable and strong loop is required.

  3. Easy Untying: Unlike some knots that may become difficult to untie after being subjected to heavy loads, the Alpine Butterfly is generally easy to untie even after being under tension.

  4. Versatility: It can be tied in the middle of a rope, allowing for multiple attachment points, or at the end of a rope to create a loop. This versatility makes it valuable in various outdoor activities, such as climbing, camping, and rescue operations.

  5. Security: The Alpine Butterfly is a secure knot that is less prone to slipping or coming undone, adding an extra layer of safety to activities that involve ropes.

Overall, the Alpine Butterfly knot is valued for its reliability, ease of tying and untying, and its ability to provide a secure mid-line loop in a rope.

How to tie an Alpine Butterfly Knot Video