How to tie a Blood Dropper Loop Knot

Short Knot Summary

The Blood Dropper Loop is at times called a Dropper Loop knot which can be tied on the bight creating a loop as needed.

Blood Dropper Loop Knot Benefits

The Blood Dropper Loop Knot, also known as the Dropper Loop or Blood Knot Dropper, offers a special combination of advantages for anglers and beyond. 

Here are the benefits of the Blood Dropper Loop Knot:

  • Versatility: Creates a loop perpendicular to the main line: The Blood Dropper Loop excels at forming a right-angled loop at any point on your line, allowing you to: Attach additional hooks or lures: This is its primary use in fishing, enabling you to create multi-lure rigs for increased catch potential. 
  • Connect leader material: You can seamlessly join your main line to a section of stronger leader material for tackling tough fish or snaggy environments. Secure other lines or objects: Its non-slip nature makes it suitable for various applications beyond fishing, like attaching a decoy line for hunting or securing a light to a branch. 
  • Adjustable loop size: Unlike fixed loops, the Blood Dropper allows you to easily adjust the loop size to fit your needs. This comes in handy when attaching different lure sizes or adapting to changing fishing conditions. 
  • Strength and Security: Reliable knot structure: The Blood Dropper’s multiple interwoven turns and tight cinch create a robust knot that effectively resists breaking under tension. This makes it suitable for even heavy fish or challenging currents. 
  • Minimal line weakening: Unlike some knots that significantly weaken the line, the Blood Dropper’s design distributes pressure evenly, minimizing line damage and maintaining its breaking strength. 
  • Ease of Use: Relatively simple to tie: While initially appearing complex, the Blood Dropper can be mastered with practice. There are numerous online tutorials and diagrams available to guide you through the steps. Manageable with wet hands: The knot’s structure allows for tying and adjusting even with wet or slippery hands, a crucial advantage in fishing situations. 
  • Additional Benefits: Visually appealing: The Blood Dropper’s symmetrical form adds a touch of aesthetic flair to your fishing setup. Can be tied with various materials: The knot’s versatility extends beyond the fishing line, making it suitable for use with cords, paracords, and other similar materials. 

In summary, the Blood Dropper Loop Knot stands out as a valuable tool for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking a versatile, strong, and user-friendly knot for creating right-angled loops in their lines.

How to tie a Blood Dropper Loop Knot Video