How to tie a Butterfly Loop Knot

Short Knot Summary

The Butterfly Loop is is rather handy knot to clip on a safety loop. It is easy to tie. Although this knot can be very difficult to untie especially if it gets wet or is under tension.

Butterfly Loop Knot Benefits

The Butterfly Loop Knot is a knot used to create a secure and non-slip loop in the middle of a rope. Here are the benefits of the Butterfly Loop Knot:

  1. Secure Loop: The Butterfly Loop creates a secure and reliable loop that retains its integrity even under tension.

  2. Non-Slip: The knot is designed to be non-slip, meaning it remains tight and secure without easily loosening.

  3. Midpoint Attachment: It allows for the creation of a loop at the midpoint of a rope, providing a balanced and versatile attachment point.

  4. Versatility: The Butterfly Loop is versatile and can be used in various applications, such as climbing, rescue operations, and other scenarios where a stable loop is needed.

  5. Ease of Inspection: The knot’s structure makes it easy to inspect for correctness, ensuring that it is tied securely.

  6. Quick Release: While the Butterfly Loop creates a stable loop, it can be untied relatively easily when needed, facilitating quick release.

  7. Maintains Strength: When tied correctly, the Butterfly Loop retains a significant portion of the rope’s strength, ensuring a reliable attachment.

  8. Midline Fixation: The loop is formed in the middle of the rope, allowing for convenient midline fixation without needing access to the rope ends.

In summary, the Butterfly Loop Knot offers benefits such as a secure and non-slip loop, midpoint attachment, versatility, ease of inspection, quick release, maintaining strength, and midline fixation. These qualities make it a valuable knot in various scenarios where a stable loop in the middle of a rope is required.

How to tie a Butterfly Loop Knot Video