Meet the Knot PRO

knot professional

The art of Marlinspikemanship came first in my life as a Boy Scout. The knot I remember tying first was the one where the rabbit jumped out of the hole and around the tree. Of course, it was the Bowline, (which is a real handy knot).

I became active in fishing and camping which involves more knots. Then as I became a Rigger Helper then a Rigger, there were more knots, progressing to an Apprentice Sail Maker then a Sail Maker Journeyman to an instructor of the trade – more knots. Then I started to teach Seamanship Classes for USPS and knot tricks for their kids program.

To top it off,  I started to learn knots while standing 4-hour watches on vessels heading up the coast. As one wave looks pretty much looks like another. 

With knot-tying videos help, I hope that you will enjoy the art of knotting as I have.