How to tie a Non Slip Mono Knot

Short Knot Summary

The Non-Slip Mono is a small fixed loop that is preferable to one that slips snugly. You’ll find this is a good strong loop knot when tied with the correct number of turns.

Non Slip Mono Knot Benefits

The Non-Slip Mono Knot, also known as the Uni Knot, is a versatile and reliable knot commonly used in fishing for connecting monofilament lines to hooks, lures, or swivels. 

Here are the benefits of the Non-Slip Mono Knot (Uni Knot):

  • Strength: The Non-Slip Mono Knot is designed to maintain a significant portion of the line’s strength when tied correctly, ensuring a reliable connection.

  • Versatility: It is versatile and can be used with monofilament lines of various diameters, making it adaptable to different fishing situations.

  • Ease of Tying: The knot is relatively easy to tie, making it accessible for anglers of different skill levels. It is often recommended for beginners in fishing.

  • Quick Tying: Anglers appreciate knots that are quick to tie, and the Non-Slip Mono Knot can be tied efficiently, allowing for more time spent fishing.

  • Low Profile: The knot typically has a low profile, reducing the chances of snagging or interfering with the line’s movement through rod guides.

  • Effective with Different Terminal Tackle: It is suitable for attaching various types of terminal tackle, including hooks, lures, and swivels.

  • No Special Tools Required: Anglers can tie the Non-Slip Mono Knot using just their hands and the fishing line, without the need for special tools.

  • Versatile Applications: The knot is not limited to a specific fishing style and is effective in both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

  • Quick Release: While providing a secure hold, the Non-Slip Mono Knot can be untied relatively easily when needed, facilitating quick release for line changes.

In summary, the Non-Slip Mono Knot, or Uni Knot, offers benefits such as strength, versatility, ease of tying, quick tying, low profile, effectiveness with different terminal tackle, no special tools required, versatility in applications, and quick release. These qualities make it a popular and trusted knot among anglers for connecting monofilament lines to various fishing gear.

How to tie a Non Slip Mono Knot Video