How to tie a Snelling Knot

Short Knot Summary

The Boa knot is an unusual name for a knot, but when you look at it, the name fits. The boa describes this binding type knot well. It is easy to tie, but not an easy task to untie. Be sure not to use this knot with any type of hitch knot.

Snelling Knot Benefits

The Snelling Knot, also known as the Snell Knot, is commonly used in fishing to attach a fishing hook to a leader or a mainline. Here are the benefits of the Snell Knot:

  1. Strength: The Snelling Knot is known for its strength, providing a secure connection between the hook and the fishing line. This is crucial when dealing with large or strong fish.

  2. Improved Hook Presentation: The knot allows the hook to be positioned in a way that enhances the presentation and increases the chances of hooking the fish effectively.

  3. Reduced Visibility: The Snelling Knot helps to keep the knot close to the shank of the hook, minimizing its visibility. This can be advantageous in situations where fish may be wary of visible knots.

  4. Effective for Circle Hooks: It is particularly effective for circle hooks, enhancing the hook-up rate. The Snell Knot aligns the hook with the leader or line, promoting a natural and effective hookset.

  5. Easy to Tie: While it may take some practice to master, the Snell Knot is relatively easy to tie, making it accessible to anglers of various skill levels.

  6. Maintains Line Strength: Unlike some other knots that may weaken the fishing line, the Snell Knot generally maintains a high percentage of the line’s original strength.

  7. Suitable for Various Fishing Styles: The Snelling Knot is versatile and can be used in different fishing styles, including freshwater and saltwater fishing, making it a valuable knot for anglers pursuing a variety of fish species.

In summary, the Snelling Knot is valued for its strength, improved hook presentation, reduced visibility, effectiveness with circle hooks, ease of tying, line strength retention, and versatility across different fishing styles. Anglers often choose the Snell Knot when they want a reliable and efficient connection between their fishing line and hooks.

How to tie a Snelling Knot Video