How to tie a Surgeon's Loop Knot

Short Knot Summary

The Surgeon’s Loop is another old timer knot. It’s a very secure and strong loop knot that has a proven past.

Surgeon's Loop Knot Benefits

The Surgeon’s Loop Knot is a simple and effective knot used to create a loop at the end of a line or leader. 

Here are the benefits of the Surgeon’s Loop Knot :

  1. Ease of Tying: One of the main advantages of the Surgeon’s Loop Knot  is its simplicity. It is easy to tie, making it accessible for anglers of all skill levels. This can be especially helpful in situations where a quick and reliable loop is needed.

  2. Speedy Knot Formation: The Surgeon’s Loop can be tied quickly, which is advantageous when time is a critical factor on the water. Anglers can efficiently create loops for various fishing applications.

  3. Versatility: This knot is versatile and can be used in different fishing scenarios. Whether attaching a fly, lure, or connecting two lines with loops, the Surgeon’s Loop is adaptable to various fishing styles.

  4. Minimal Line Strength Reduction: While any knot introduces some reduction in line strength, the Surgeon’s Loop typically maintains a good percentage of the line’s original strength, making it suitable for many fishing situations.

  5. Secure Loop Formation: The Surgeon’s Loop creates a secure loop at the end of the line, providing a reliable attachment point for various terminal tackle, such as hooks, lures, or swivels.

  6. Consistent Performance: When tied correctly, the Surgeon’s Loop offers consistent and dependable performance. Anglers can have confidence in the loop’s strength and reliability during fishing activities.

  7. No Need for Access to the Line End: Unlike some knots that require access to both ends of the line, the Surgeon’s Loop can be tied with ease at any point along the line, making it a flexible choice in various situations.

In summary, the Surgeon’s Loop Knot is valued for its ease of tying, quick formation, versatility, minimal line strength reduction, secure loop creation, consistent performance, and the convenience of not requiring access to the line end. It serves as a practical knot for anglers in need of a dependable loop for their fishing tackle.

How to tie a Surgeon's Loop Knot Video